(Inter-)Culturality of Paradigms for Interpretation and Explanation


Prof. Dr. Lavinia Heller (Translation Studies) - Spokesperson

Prof. Dr. Martina Schrader-Kniffki (Spanish/Portuguese, Linguistics)

JProf. Dr. Nico Nassenstein (African Languages and Linguistics)

Prof. Dr. Annika Schlitte (Philosophy, University of Greifswald)

Dr. Elisabeth Sommerlad (Human Geography)

Dr. Spencer Hawkins (Translation Studies)


This research group deals with the question of how the concept of interculturality can be related to the convergence of different paradigms for interpretation and explanation. Everyday theoretical views can be taken into account here, as well as scientific discourses. For example, questions about the "mobility" and adaptability of explanatory models, their comparability and the productivity that arises through the adoption or appropriation of "foreign" frames are addressed. In addition to a (conceptual) theoretical approach, which also includes the conceptual complex of [inter]culture[ality] itself, empirical research approaches and historical investigations are conceivable.