Associated Initiatives

Forum Humandifferenzierung

The Human Differentiation Forum is a joint institution of the Leibniz Institute for European History (IEG) and three JGU research platforms: the Research Center of Social and Cultural Studies Mainz (SoCuM), the Center for Intercultural Studies (ZIS) and the Obama Institute.

Germersheimer Übersetzerlexikon

Our knowledge of world literature derives almost exclusively from translations because who can claim to have read all or even many of the source texts? However, even the names of the translators whose literary translations have contributed greatly to the richness and variety of German literature are often known to only a few. The Germersheim Dictionary of Translators seeks to redress this shortcoming. By collating information, the handbook will also enable a new, intercultural perspective on the history of German literature, from the days of Martin Luther up to the twenty-first century.
The Germersheim Dictionary of Translators will have a digital, open-access format similar to the recently published Swedish translators lexicon (, making scholarly portraits of important and fascinating translators freely available as essays. In addition to literary translators, the lexicon will feature translators who have translated philosophical, scientific, religious, and political texts into German. The essays on the lives and works of individual translators will be enhanced by comprehensive bibliographies.

Forum Interkulturelle Frankreichforschung / FIFF

Mainz University’s Forum on Intercultural Research on France (FIFF) brings together, coordinates, and networks research on France carried out in a wide range of disciplines. The focus of the Forum is its outstanding Special Collection “French Studies: Culture – Society – Regions,” held by the University’s Central Library, a collection that has been steadily developed since 1991 with the help of generous financing by the German Research Foundation (DFG), the University of Mainz, and the University Library. Since 2013, the Forum’s Special Collection has been part of the German Research Foundation (DFG) program “Funding for Outstanding Research Libraries.” The integration of this research library into a research platform serves the strengthened exchange and stimulation of scholarly and scientific output among a wide range of researchers on France working in Mainz.

The Forum on Intercultural Research on France encompasses the cultural studies and interdisciplinary focus of Mainz’s French Studies Library and provides Francophonie-related topics for discussion in line with the Forum’s emphasis on inter- and transcultural approaches.