Graduate Group on Interdisciplinary Translation Studies (dokTRIN)

This doctoral group at the Faculty of Translation Studies, Linguistics, and Cultural Studies (FTSK) in Germersheim concentrates on the conceptual field of translation studies that both lends the discipline its contours and also contributes to the working out of the intersections with and differences from other disciplines as well as the divisions of its own field. The dissertations range from the intersection with other disciplines to related areas in the field in order to advance new aspects of the debates on the expansion or closing off of the field and concept of translation.

The dissertations produced within the framework of this doctoral group will:

  • Expand theoretical discussions of the concept of translation through work on the conceptual border areas;
  • Direct attention to the intersection of theory and practice and investigate the relationship between translation studies and translation criticism with reference to the production and “consumption” of translations;
  • Determine ways to arrive at a new form of collaboration with other disciplines; and
  • Emphasize marginalized languages and cultures.