ZIS Projects

This page offers an insight into a selection of projects supported by the research platform of ZIS. It is not represenative of the broad range of projects that have emerged in cooperation with the Centre for Intercultural Studies. Its purpose is to show the variety of projects carried out by the Mainz researchers involved in intercultural research.



JGU press release 13.04.2023

Former ZIS fellow Baruch Shomron is the new holder of the Israel professorship at JGU's Institute of Communication

Dr. Baruch Shomron is the new holder of the Israel professorship at the Institute for Journalism in the Faculty of Social Sciences, Media and Sport at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU). He will be offering courses on campus from the summer semester of 2023. Shomron succeeds Prof. Dr. Yossi David, who has been appointed to a lifetime professorship at Ben-Gurion University in Be'er Sheva.

From september to december 2021, Dr. Baruch Shomron was a Fellow at the ZIS.

JGU press release 19.08.2021

Migration dynamics shape scientific self-translations

In cooperation with Dr. Spencer Hawkins, Prof. Dr. Lavinia Heller, a translation scholar at the Department of Translation, Linguistics and Cultural Studies (FTSK) at the campus in Germersheim, is reseaching the phenomenon of self-translation.

JGU press release 25.05.2021

German Research Association approves establishment of new Collaborative Research Center "Human Differentiation" at the JGU

On July 1st 2021, the German Research Association (DFG) approved the establishment of a new Collaborative Research Center "Human Differentiation" ("Humandifferenzierung") in the social and cultural sciences at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) and at the Leibniz Institute for European History Mainz (IEG). The Research Center 1482 is funded with a total of around 10 million euros for an initial period of four years.

JGU press release 10.03.2021

Project CEDITRAA (Cultural Entrepreneurship and Digital Transformation in Africa and Asia) funded by BMBF with 2.1 million Euros

The project of the Goethe- University Frankfurt a.M. and the Johannes Gutenberg- University Mainz (JGU) will be funded by the national ministry of education and research (BMBF) with 2.1 million Euros.

JGU press release 10.06.2020

Students from Moscow and Germersheim translating fairytales from over two dozen languages into Russian and German


Thanks to funding by the Centre for Intercultural Studies (ZIS) and Gazprom Germania, 13 fairytales from Eurasia were selected and published in a bilingual book. This is only one of many projects to be carried out in cooperation between the JGU and the MGLU.




JGU press release 15.04.2020

Peter Kupfer publishing stories of the Chinese wine culture / 9,000 year old discoveries show the world's oldest traces of wine in Central China


Peter Kupfer has been Professor of Chinese Language and Culture in the Department of Translation, Linguistics and Cultural Studies at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz in Germersheim since 1998. Since 2008, he has undertaken several research trips along the Central Asian, Chinese and Iranian Silk Roads, focusing in particular on questions of Chinese wine culture. In his book "Bernsteinglanz und Perlen des Schwarzen Drachen: Die Geschichte der chinesischen Weinkultur", he describes the phenomenon of wine and alcohol in the Chinese cultural world from an interdisciplinary point of view.


In context:
Short term guest professorship (2017)
Prof. Dr. Patrick McGovern
(Biomolecular Archaeology Project University of Pennsylvania Museum, Philadelphia)

Lecture series Fascination Silk Roads– 3000 years of globalization (2009 ff.)

JGU press release 19.11.2019

Together with the Universities of Lausanne and Vienna, JGU is researching the history of translators in exile between 1933 and 1945

"Exil: Trans" receives support of about 400,000 euros by the German Research Foundation (DFG). It is a new sub-project of the Germersheim Translators' Lexicon (UeLEX).
The UeLEX is in cooperation with ZIS.

JGU press release 01.04.2019

Gutenberg Research Award 2019 for Corine Defrance

Prof. Dr. Corine Defrance, Winner of the 2019 Gutenberg Research Award. © Ladan Rezaeian


Interview: Exzellent research of German-French relations

[In context: (ZIS-funded) conferences held by Prof. Dr. Corine Defrance and publication projects by Prof. Dr. Michael Kißener (History Department / JGU)]






JGU press release 22.11.2018

Archive for African Music (AMA) of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) receives music collection of Frobenius Institute

Prof. Dr. Roland Hardenberg (r.), director of the Frobenius Institute, and Dr. Hauke Dorsch (l.), scientific coordinator of the AMA, while handing over music casettes from Ghana. © Thomas Hartmann


ZIS provides start-up financing for the digitization of the AMA archive.

Reading: Drei wertlose Visa und ein toter Reisepass. Meine lange Flucht aus China

Reading at FTSK Germersheim by and with Liao Yiwu (Winner of the 2012 German Book Peace Prize).
An event in cooperation with the Center for Intercultural Studies (ZIS) at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz.

7th of May 2018, 18:30 / Audimax FTSK, 76726 Germersheim

Liao Yiwu: 3 wertlose Visa und ein toter Reisepass

Film screening: My Life in Hitler’s Germany (Ma vie dans l’Allemagne d’Hitler)

Documentary by Jérôme Prieur, Roche Productions and ARTE France 2018 (avant-première), 104 minutes, engl. (voiced by Ute Lemper)

Introduction by Prof. Dr. Detlef Garz, followed by a talk with the director Jérôme Prieur, moderated by Prof. Dr. Anton Escher.
An event organised by the Center for Intercultural Studies (ZIS) of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz.

5th of December 2018, 20:00 / CinéMayence, Schillerstraße 11, 55116 Mainz 

Second screening (in German) and discussion with the director on 26th of June 2019 / Caligari, Wiesbaden

1930-1939 : De l'ascension d'Adolf Hitler à la Nuit de cristal, collection de récits des témoins des événements de l'époque