Prof. Dr. Scott A. Lukas

Summer Semester 2013

Prof. Dr. Scott A. Lukas (Department of Anthropology and Sociology; Lake Tahoe Community College)

Lectures during the ZIS Guestprofessorship in Mainz / Germersheim in Summer Semester 2013 see:

Recent Publications

Books - Monographs

The Immersive Worlds Handbook: Designing Theme Parks and Consumer Spaces. Focal, 2013.

Theme Park. Objekt series, Reaktion Books, 2008.

Books – Edited Collections

The Themed Space: Locating Culture, Nature, and Self. Lexington Books, 2007.

Fear, Cultural Anxiety, and Transformation: Horror, Science Fiction, and Fantasy Films Remade, co-edited collection with John Marmysz. Lexington Books, 2009.

Recent Developments in Criminological Theory, co-editor with Stuart Henry, 2009, Ashgate.

Strategies in Teaching Anthropology (co-editor), Prentice-Hall, 2010.


“Coney Island and the "History Magic" of Theme Parks”
July 2013

"Research Methods in Consumer Spaces"
July 2013

“Theme Parks: From Cultural Remaking to Social Justice”
July 2013


July 2013