Prof. Dr. Christo van der Merwe

Winter Semester 2004/2005

Prof. Dr. Christo van der Merwe is a theologian and Semitist at University Stellenbosch (South Africa). Since 1997 he leads there the newly founded Center for Bible translations in Africa which should provide a suitable Bible-scientific and cultural-scientific "Rüstzeug" above all for Black-African students so that they can do justice with topical Bible translation projects to the results of the modern Bible and translation sciences as well as the cultural horizon of the aimed audience. Prof. van of the Merwe projects therefore to an universities Center which serves in research, apprenticeship and practical application of the cultural mediation. In 1957 in Beaufort West born, studied van of the Merwe theology and Semitist at the Universities Stellenbosch and Munich. From 1983 he perceived teaching operations in the University of the North in Sovenga. In 1988 he was conferred a doctorate in Stellenbosch with the work: The Old Hebrew particle gam. A syntactic-semantic description of gam in genesis - 2 Kings ( Arbeiten zu Text und Sprache im Alten Testament 34), Saint Ottilien: Eos in 1990. Since 1989 he is in Stellenbosch and there the Eric Samson-endowment chair of biblical-Hebrew grammar was transferred to him in 1992. Since 1997 he is in office as a manager of the Center for Bible translations in Africa. His topical researches refer to the application of the newer translation science to Bible translations in Africa as well as to the application of electronic working instruments in scientific exegesis and translation activity. From his numerous publications are emphasized: J.A.Naudé / J. H. Kroeze / C. van of the Merwe, A Biblical Hebrew reference grammar (Biblical languages: Hebrew 3), Sheffield: Academic Pressing in 1999; J. A. Naudé / C. van of the Merwe (eds.), Contemporary translation studies and Bible translation. A South African perspective (Acta Theologica Supplement 2), Bloemfontein: University of the Free State in 2002.

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During his guest's professorship at the Center for Intercultural Studies he held in 2004 the following lectures:

Lecture: African Bible translations and western science talk: Gender in Black Africa. At the example of "new South Africa "
Lecture course for students: Analysis of the information structure of Biblical narrative texts
Seminar: The Theory and Practice of Biblical translation as Intercultural Communication
Lecture: Biblical Hebrew Lexicography in the Light of Insights from Theoretical Lexicography talk within the scope of 7-th Mainz Internationally Colloquium on Ancient Hebrew (MICAH) on the 13th November.