The Center

The Center for Intercultural Studies (ZIS) concentrates and initiates research projects, lecture series and symposia which function as interdisciplinary mediators between academic departments and disciplines. The Center promotes the study of global cultural phenomena, such as

  • Politics of Translation
  • Processes and forms of cultural opening and closing
  • Migration and mobility

It is creating and participating in cooperations for externally funded research initiatives, i.e. CEDITRAA (Cultural Entrepreneurship and Digital Transformation in Africa and Asia) and the Forum for Human Differentiation (Forum Humandifferenzierung).

The Center for Intertercultural Studies (ZIS) additionally endeavors to convey these issues within university teaching and interdisciplinary academic activities, in particular through interdisciplinary events (regular guest lectures by international fellows, lecture series, and public conferences, as well as the presentation of projects and workshops of initiated research groups).

ZIS is particularly committed to the advancement of junior faculty members and internationalisation. It cooperates internationally with similarly oriented institutions (such as the Consortium for the Humanities in Milwaukee, Wisconsin) and encourages fund-raising efforts.

Since 2014, research results also have been published as part of the ZIS publication series Intercultural Studies.