Dub Reggae in Great Britain

This project researches the cultural, artistic and musical phenomenon of Dub in London, as well as the people who create it. Dub is a variety of Reggae, which came into being in Jamaica of the late 1960s. It was further developed in London where it has been cultivated to this day. Twenty-one Dub artists from Great Britain, especially London, were interviewed and portrayed in August and September 2002. The so collected materials are now being processed as audiovisual material into a data bank, that comprises visual and acoustical elements as well as texts and which shall make it possible to navigate easily to find individual interviews as well as film and sound documents.

Duration of Funding: 2002-2004

Associate prof. Wolfgang Bender (Ethnology)
Prof. Wolfgang Riedel (English)
Assistant: Stephan Truschel (Fine Arts, Ehtnology)

Faber, Jörg (2003): „The Articulation of African Consciousness in Cape Town Hip Hop" (Magisterarbeit an der Universität Mainz).