Pariser Rechenschaft – Parisian Account (1926)

From 1919 onwards, Thomas Mann increasingly promoted German-French understanding. His essay "Pariser Rechenschaft" will be placed in an exact historical and philological context, both in the form of an overview and in detailed annotations to each line of the text. All biographical relationships, politico-cultural circumstances, persons, citations, allusions, references to the press, and intertextual relations will be traced and explicated.

Projektlaufzeit: 2000-2002

Prof. Hermann Kurzke (German)
Dr. Joelle Stoupy (Languages, Universite du Littoral)

Kurzke, Hermann et al. (Hrsg.) (2002): Thomas Mann: Essays 1914-1926. Große kommentierte Frankfurter Ausgabe, Bd. 15/1-2. Frankfurt a. M. 1251 S./ 997 S.