Volume 12


Interkulturelle Transformationen moderner Bühnentexte

Editors: Olaf Müller, Elena Polledri

Universitätsverlag WINTER, Heidelberg
1. Edition, 2021; 258 Pages
German, English

ISBN: 978-3-8253-4785-7
Hardcover / also avaiable as eBook

What are theaters actually showing when they bring translated texts onto the stage? Every production on stage is already an adaptation and translation process. So what happens if the underlying text is a translation in itself? What is the playability of a translated stage text? Which criteria is used to select translations? Which instances play a role in the transfer of a stage text from one language and cultural area to another? What happens when classic dramas are adapted in a foreign context?

This volume examines these questions using the example of German-Italian theater relations from the 18th century to the present. It considers the history of translation and performance by Goldoni, Pirandello or Pasolini in Germany and by Goethe, Kleist or Brecht in Italy and takes theater actors and intermediary figures such as Giorgio Strehler, Luca Ronconi, Heinz Riedt or Edoardo Sanguineti and the role of theater publishers and magazines into account.

Contributing writers: Olaf Müller, Elena Polledri, Luigi Reitani, Diana Di Maria, Imke Momann, Gabriella Catalano, Francesca Tucci, Ulrich Port, Henning Hufnagel, Dietrich Scholler, Michael Rössner, Marco Menicacci, Peter Goßens, Marco Castellari, Flavia Foradini, Sabine Heymann