ZIS Academic Events


Conferences, symposia, and congresses will be and/or are supported by ZIS or significantly initiated by active members of ZIS. The events are generally interdisciplinary in nature and accessible to the public. Many of the past conferences have been followed up by a volume of conference proceedings.

Further Events

The Center organizes an annual event of its own in which current research on interculturality is presented and contemporary topics are discussed with representatives from science and politics. Moreover, the event offers visitors the possibility to gain an overview of the current state of research within ZIS as a whole. In addition, the public is presented with insider knowledge of ethnic events by means of workshops and introductory sessions carried out in co-operation with other organizers.

Participation in JGU-Event-Formats

Participation in Formats of the JGU: Night of the Profs, Annual Academic Fair etc.

“Scholarship in Your Hands” is Johannes Gutenberg University’s annual academic fair, which takes place in the city center of Mainz. ZIS actively takes part by organizing a large selection of workshops, academic discussions open to the public, onstage interviews, as well as themed musical performances.