Derek Walcott’s Writings on Caribbean Culture, 1957-74

Between 1957 and 1974, Nobel Laureate Derek Walcott wrote features, reviews, and criticism for several newspapers in the Caribbean. The approximately five hundred articles produced by Walcott during that time cover all aspects of Caribbean life and thematize the hybridization of Caribbean popular culture with the culture of the European colonizers. The project aims to compile the majority of these pieces in an annotated edition. The result will be a unique document of the development of an autochthonous Caribbean culture in the first two decades of the postcolonial era.

Duration of Funding: 2000-2013

Prof. Christopher Balme (Theater)
Dr. Gordon Collier (English, Gießen)

Sabine Sörgel M.A.


Balme, Christopher/ Collier, Gordon (2013) (Eds.): The Journeyman Years, Volume 1 and 2: Performing Arts. Occasional Prose 1957-1974. Amsterdam/New York.

Sörgel, Sabine (2007): “Staging the Caribbean – Derek Walcott’s Theatre in Performance.” In: Stierstorfer, Klaus (Eds.): Reading the Caribbean: Approaches to Anglophone Caribbean Literature and Culture. Heidelberg (= Anglistik & Englischunterricht, 67), S. 189-210.