Prof. Dr. Erich Prunc

Summer Semester 2011

Prof. em. Dr. Erich Prunc (Institute for Theoretical and Applied Translation Studies, University of Graz)

ZIS short-term visiting professorship 2011

To promote the development of a profile in translation studies and by invitation from Jun-Prof. Dr. In 2009 and 2010, Dilek Dizdar made it possible for ZIS to bring two highly respected guest professors to Germersheim (and to give guest lectures on the Mainz campus): Prof. Lawrence Venuti (Philadelphia) and Prof. Arrojo (New York / Binghamton). In 2011, the translation department is to be strengthened with a visiting professorship.

On the initiative of Prof. Dizdar, Prof. Dr. Erich Prunč from the Institute for Theoretical and Applied Translation Studies at the University of Graz for this task. He has held the professorship for translation studies there since 1988. His recently published (and also translated into English) overview of the development of translation studies From the Asymmetries of Languages ​​to the Asymmetries of Power once again identifies him as a leading representative of the subject, able to fruitfully integrate the various research directions and theoretical models.

Prof. Prunč will offer a block seminar for MA students on the subject of The Power Fields of Translation. In addition, he will be available for discussions with the doctoral students of the ZIS-funded translation studies in the doctoral group “Interdisciplinary Translation Studies” (dokTRIN). Finally, it is planned to be included in the conference “Literary Translators in the Field of Art and Politics”, which will take place in early July.

1988–2005, 2007–2009 head of the Institute for Translator and Interpreter Training and for Theoretical and Applied Translation Studies at the KFU Graz