Summer semester 2015

Geographie / ZIS

Prof. Dr. Leila Hudson (Assoc. Professor of Anthropology (NES and Judaic Studies) / University of Arizona, USA)

"Fleeing Damascus: One Family's Experiences of War and Displacement"
June 2015, Campus Mainz ...
Politikwissenschaft / ZIS

Prof. Dr. Lenka Bustikova (Arizona State University)

"Policy Hostility, Group Hostility and Voting for the Radical Right: Micro-Level Evidence from Slovakia"
June 2015, Campus Mainz ...
Geographisches Institut / ZIS

Prof. Dr. Chris Lukinbeal (University of Arizona)

"'On Location' Filming in San Diego County from 1985-2005: How A Cinematic Landscape Is Formed Through Incorporative Tasks and Represented Through Mapped Inscriptions"
April 2015, Campus Mainz ...