Brazilian-German Symposium on Learning Analytics (May 12th, 2023)

From May 9th to May 17th, Dr. Henrik Bellhäuser hosted five Brazilian guest researchers from the field of Learning Analytics in Mainz. Within this research stay, the first Brazilian-German Symposium on Learning Analytics took place with invited guest from different universities in Germany.

Here are the eight talks with slides. 

0. Henrik Bellhäuser - Introduction BRA-GER Symposium (Slides)

  1. Rafael Mello - Enhancing Instructors' Capability to Assess Open-Response using Natural Language Processing and Learning Analytics (Slides)
  2. Henrik Bellhäuser & Kirsten Winkel - Linking formative and summative assessment with Explainable Artificial Intelligence (Slides)
  3. Elaine Oliveira - Learning Analytics in Introductory Programming (Slides)
  4. René Röpke - AI-supported Study Planning and Cohort Monitoring (Slides)
  5. Rafael Araújo - Technological Resources to Encourage Self-Regulated Learning Behavior and Learning Analytics Support in Virtual Learning Environments (Slides)
  6. Björn Mattes - Generation of Log Files in Online Studies Using Computer Vision (Slides)
  7. Diego Dermeval - Towards bridging the digital divide in Brazil (Slides)
  8. Anika Kohmer - Performance Assessment of Domain-specific and Generic Use of Online Media by Young Professionals (Slides)

The talks have also been recorded - for access to the videos please contact



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