The accreditation of degree courses at JGU is aimed at assuring the quality of first class degree programs and is a pre-requisite for formally establishing and starting these degree programs. This procedure supports the subject areas in implementing curricula, in order to ensure optimal compliance with subject-specific and Bologna standards.

The accreditation begins with the submission of a degree course concept or an "Application for establishing a degree program" (see guidelines in the download area) to the ZQ.

In the next stage the ZQ - in agreement with the subject area representatives - brings in external experts from all status groups (i.e. professorial advisers; consultants from the relevant professional area and student representatives). The appraisal phase takes place as early as possible, so that the observations can be appropriately reflected in the process of finalizing the degree course concept. The external appraisal thus has a strong advisory nature. Depending upon the requirements, the appraisal may be designed as either a file-based procedure or as an on-site assessment.

The internal accreditation concludes with a report from the ZQ, which is prepared on the basis of the external expert's votes. If all possible conditions and recommendations are met, the ZQ awards an internal accreditation certificate and informs the Accreditation Council that the procedure has been successfully completed.

Under the link "Process for setting up degree courses" you will find the relevant steps, along with documentation in relation to the accreditation and establishment of a degree course at JGU.