En route into science

Target group:

  • Postdocs with temporary positions without a professorship
  • Postdocs at the university, but also in scientific areas of industry and non-university research institutions
  • Juniorprofessorinnen und Juniorprofessoren with and without „tenuretrack“
  • Young Investigators Group leaders who are directly funded by funding institutions


The Center for Quality Assurance and Development offers a qualification program for young faculty members that aims to prepare the participants for the challenges of an academic career. The program contents are oriented towards the professional demands of university leadership, which had previously been acquired in an auto-didactic and unsystematic manner. The topics covered include appointments and applications, financial planning, research promotion and presentation skills. In addition to the established program, options to address other topics of interest for the participants will also be pursued.



General career orientation

Topics include careers at universities, at non-university research institutions or in business and industry, such as:

  • University appointments
  • Opportunities at the MPI, at Helmholtz, DJI, WZB, Fraunhofer institutes
  • Research opportunities in industry (Böhringer Ingelheim, Schott, etc.)

Organization of science

Training with internal and external speakers on:

  • Third-party fund management
  • The structure of the JGU
  • Structures of research funding

Support as an aspect of academic teaching

  • Supervision and advice on doctorates and theses
  • Various care models (collective vs. individual care models)
  • Dealing with conflicts in care situations

Examination as an aspect of academic teaching

  • Design exams
  • Assess performance
  • Give feedback


  • Social events with input, such as lunch / fireside chat with important people from JGU or public life
  • Individual advice with the responsible ZQ staff and, if necessary, referral to other experts


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