Individual Course Evaluation

In addition to the regular survey, the lecturers at The University of Mainz have the opportunity to carry out student surveys in their courses at any time. In the winter semester 2021/22, individual course evaluations (LVB) are carried out exclusively online. For this purpose, ZQ provides a password-based procedure and a specially developed questionnaire [in German].

To ensure a smooth process, please note the following information.

1) Please register the course to be evaluated with The Center for Quality Assurance and Development (ZQ) no later than four weeks before the evaluation date. Please fill in the input mask, which is available for download, and send it by e-mail to:

2) For your registered course, an individual digital access to the online survey will be provided.

3) In order to ensure the highest possible response rate, the survey should be integrated as part of digital teaching. If, for example, your teaching will include joint sessions via MS Teams or Skype, we recommend that you conduct the LVB right at the beginning of your lesson. The survey will take about ten minutes to complete. We advise against simply passing on access data to the survey, especially after the completion of the digital course, as it has been proven that this results in lower response rates. This and additional information on digital course evaluation will be sent with access to the online survey.

You will receive a PDF report [in German] on the results by e-mail. The report shows graphics of the frequency distribution, the mean, and the standard deviation for each question/item. You will also receive an explanation of how to interpret the means and standard deviations.



Input mask (.xlsx)
Model-driven and standardized questionnaire (.pdf) [in German]
PowerPoint template for the presentation of the QR code/link (.pptx) for online-based surveys
Cover letter (.pdf) including information on digital course evaluation
Example of a cover sheet (.pdf) for paper-based surveys
Example of a result report for lecturers (.pdf) [in German]
Interpretation guide (.pdf)
FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions (.pdf)