Accredited studies

The ZQ provides regular reports about the development status of the procedure for setting up and continuing degree courses at Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz.

The links to the individual departments will direct you to the Bachelor's and Master's degree courses of the higher education institute. The documents contained there are continuously updated and should on the one hand provide interested parties with information about the timing of the (re)accreditation of the Mainz degree courses, and on the other hand ensure a transparent presentation of the appraisal procedures and the recommendations and conditions made during these procedures. A document containing information about the degree courses which have been accredited under the system accreditation process can be found and downloaded under the heading "ZQ report". The reports refer to appraisals from external experts in the relevant field, relevant professional experience and student representatives whose expertise was incorporated into the procedures. They also discuss the degree course on the basis of internal and external quality criteria. Each report concludes with a summary of the respective conditions and recommendations.

The starting point for the procedures at the Mainz higher education institute is degree courses which have already been appraised at the concept stage. The advantage of this is that the experts' observations can still be taken into consideration in the finalization process. For this reason, when reading the ZQ reports it is important to remember that they only represent one feedback stage in the quality assurance process for a degree course, albeit a central one. It should also be noted that before the accreditation and start of a degree course, the recommendations and conditions stated in the report will have already been implemented.

Note: before the official seal of system accreditation was received in April 2011, the university's internal procedures for setting up and continuing degree courses were referred to as "(re)certification". As from April 2011, both the university's internal procedures and those of external accreditation agencies are referred to as "(re)accreditation".