Here you will find a list of all ongoing and completed evaluations carried out by the ZQ of Mainz University.

Under the following link you will also find an overview of the evaluations carried out since June 2003 in the context of the evaluation association of higher education institutes, for which the ZQ acts as a branch office [Overview - in German].

Planned and ongoing evaluations

Completed evaluations

Department 02

  • Institute of Political Science
  • Institute of Sports Science (formerly Sport Department)
  • Institute of Educational Science

Department 03

  • Law department (internal)
  • Economics Department

Department 04

  • Pre-clinic area
  • Clinical-Theoretical Institute

Department 05

  • German Institute
  • Cultural Anthropology/German Folklore
  • Institute of Philosophy
  • Romance Seminar
  • Department of English and Linguistics
  • Department-Service Bureau Department 05
  • Department of Oriental Studies
  • Institute of Indology

Department 06

  • Overall

Department 07

  • Musicology Institute
  • Institute of Ethnology and African Studies

Department 08

  • Institute of Mathematics
  • Institute of Computer Science
  • Physics (overall)

Department 09

  • Institute of Geography
  • Geo Sciences
  • Chemistry
  • Pharmacy Report

Department 10

  • Biology (overall)
  • Anthropology

School of musik

  • overall

Department-wide and independent evaluations

  • Gutenberg Research College Fellows (GRC)
  • Gutenberg Teaching Council
  • Staff Deparments
  • Data Center
  • Center for Intercultural Studies (CIS)
  • Center for Environmental Research
  • Services for students at Mainz University
  • Hotline for studies at Mainz University
  • Foreign Language Center
  • Mainz foundation course for international students
  • Gutenberg Research College (GRC)
  • Internatinal Research Training Group (IRTG)