German Poland Institute

The German Poland Institute in Darmstadt is a research, analysis, information and event center for Polish culture, history, politics, society, and German-Polish relations within the European context. According to its charter, the goal of the German Poland Institute is to make a contribution to expanding mutual knowledge of the cultural, intellectual and social life of both Poles and Germans.

The special cultural and academic profile of the German Poland Institute and its associated socio-political responsibility suggest that it would be appropriate for it to undergo an analysis of its strategic orientation and objectives as well as of its performance and results. At the same time, it would appear worthwhile to also address the question of to what extent existing organizational structures, staff and material resources, framework conditions, and infrastructure as well as processes of cooperation and communication are sufficiently flexible and appropriate for the needs of the German Poland Institute.

At the suggestion of the supporting states of Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate – represented by the Hesse Ministry of Higher Education, Research, and the Arts as well as the Rhineland-Palatinate Ministry for Education, Science, Continuing Education, and Culture – and in cooperation with the German Poland Institute, the JGU Center for Quality Assurance and Development is carrying out an evaluation of the German Poland Institute. On the one hand, the process focuses on the question of whether or not the Institute’s staff, material, and physical resources are suitable and fit for purpose for the fulfillment of the its remit. On the other hand, it will be examined whether the organizational processes in place at the German Poland Institute are adequate for the challenges currently faced.