Supporting young researchers

For the young researchers there is generally no systematic preparation for the tasks set by the university or other professional areas of activity.

Doctoral candidates and post-doctoral lecturers usually develop their professional skills and their research qualification together with their supervisors and their mentors. However, the skills required for the teaching, leadership and administrative tasks, as well as relevant key qualifications, are predominantly acquired in an autodidactic and unsystematic manner.

JGU therefore promotes the expertise of young researchers in different ways:

The offer

  • ZQ offers with the "General Postgraduate Program" various softskill-workshops for all doctoral studens at Mainz University.
  • As of January 1, 2017, the ZQ will no longer fund active doctoral student conference trips through travel grants. The department "Research and Technology Transfer" takes on the task. Your contact person will be Dr. Ewa Vittorias (20740). Actions by doctoral students, but also by institutes or informal associations of teachers who offer activities for doctoral students are no longer financially supported by the ZQ; Here too, Dr. Vittorias referred.
  • Under the title "En route into science", the ZQ offers a complementary qualification program for post-doctoral lecturers, assistant professors and interested qualified professors.
  • As for all teaching staff, the offerings in relation to university didactics from the "Hochschulevaluierungsverbund" (south west evaluation association for higher education institutes) are available to young researchers. In addition, specific events are offered for those who are new to academic teaching.