Quality assurance and quality development handbook

In the context of the two year "system accreditation" pilot project, a "Handbook of Quality Assurance and Quality Development for setting up and continuing degree courses" was compiled (see download).

The handbook (currently only available in German) contains underlying information about the structures and principles of quality assurance at JGU. Furthermore, it indicates those processes which are related to setting up and continuing degree courses, and the associated procedures (accreditation and re-accreditation) and tools (e.g. course surveys, course entry surveys and alumni surveys, evaluation discussions) for assuring quality. It also documents the underlying procedures and defines responsibilities.

The handbook also includes a comprehensive and regularly updated collection of documents. This document pool contains, amongst other things,

  • relevant papers for higher education institutes and JGU guidelines (charter, mission statements, strategy concept etc.),
  • current guidelines for drafting applications as part of the re-accreditation procedures,
  • the quality assurance tools used (surveys, interview guidelines etc.) and
  • relevant higher education policy resolutions, including those made by the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Länder in the Federal Republic of Germany, the German Rectors' Conference, and the Accreditation Council (accreditation resolutions, nationwide structural guidelines etc.).

For this reason the handbook was also compiled as a graphical online version, which lists the chronological sequence of the individual processes, contents and responsibilities, and also makes it possible to quickly access the documents which are relevant to you. By selecting one of the four subject areas listed below, you will get to the online version (currently only available in German):

(Note: Internet Explorer or Chrome are the most suitable search engines to use when viewing the graphical version of the quality handbook; Mozilla Firefox is less suitable. Some central documents for quick orientation can also be found in the download area).