Faculty-wide course evaluation

The results of student course evaluation provide important information on the further development of teaching for a single course, as well as for degree programs. For this purpose, the dean receives a summary report containing the results of all evaluated courses from at least two evaluation periods (current + previous periods). These reports are created separately, based on the course of study and also according to the course format (lecture, seminar, exercise, etc.). In addition, an overall report at the level of the course format (lecture, seminar, exercise, etc.) is provided. Based on these results, further measures can be planned and implemented. In order to evaluate the results of the survey, ZQ also offers didactical support at the collegial level.

Course evaluations are usually conducted on a three-semester cycle. This cycle enables students in a Bachelor’s program to be interviewed at least twice and students in a Master’s program to be interviewed at least once during their studies. The courses to be evaluated are usually selected by a quoted sample. Therein, the selection of the courses to be evaluated is not random, but chosen along certain control characteristics, such as the course of study or the course format (lecture, seminar, internship and/or other forms). Though, in some degree programmes, lecturers of all offered courses are selected for evaluation. The goal is to evaluate about one third of all lectures, seminars, exercises, internships, etc. (depending on the faculty). In addition, every lecturer in a faculty should also be represented in the sample with at least one course.

In consideration of the general suspension of the faculty-wide course evaluations in the summer semester 2022, the faculties will take part in the course evaluation at the following times (provisional overview):

Faculty Semester
01: Catholic Theology WiSe 2021/22; SoSe 2023
01: Protestant Theology WiSe 2021/22; SoSe 2023
02: Social Sciences, Media, and Sports SoSe 2021; SoSe 2023
03: Management Economics SoSe 2021; SoSe 2023
03: Law SoSe 2021; SoSe 2023
04: University Medicine Each semester
05: Philosophy and Philology WiSe 2020/21; WiSe 2022/23
06: Translation Studies, Linguistics and Cultural Studies SoSe 2021; SoSe 2023
07: History and Cultural Studies WiSe 2020/21; WiSe 2022/23
08: Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science Each Semester
09: Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Geography, and Geosciences WiSe 2020/21; WiSe 2022/23
10: Biology

SoSe 2019 + WiSe 2019/20;

WiSe 2021/22 + WiSe 2022/23