Information regarding course evaluation

Since 2015, course evaluations at the University Medical Center have been conducted online. Information on the course and email address data are exported by the Department of Research and Teaching from the campus-wide integrated study and examination administration software JOGU-StINe and made available to ZQ.


Survey period

The main survey period covers four weeks. In the summer semester, the main survey period usually begins at the end of July/beginning of August, whereas in the winter semester it begins at the end of February/beginning of March.

Sending out the invitations

Students receive automated invitations to the course evaluation via our mail ( In addition to information about the purpose of the course evaluation, students are asked to evaluate the courses they have attended. Access to the online survey is via TAN, which is individual for each student and each course to be evaluated to prevent multiple participations. Within the survey period, up to three reminders to evaluate the course will be sent to students via our email.


A standardized short questionnaire is used to evaluate the courses. The first step is to ask about the amount of engagement with the subject matter, and then to ask about reasons for less engagement with the subjects. Then, in addition to an overall assessment, students may evaluate the framework conditions, the didactic preparation and, if applicable, the patient contact.


The evaluation of the course evaluations is aggregated and thus also anonymized. These are passed on to the institute heads and teaching representatives in the form of PDF reports. After completion of the entire course evaluation process, all results are also made available to the Department of Research and Teaching.