Promotion of teaching

JGU promotes quality of teaching through a range of measures. The individual measures and programs involved are set at very different levels.

JGU considers itself to be both a research and teaching oriented university. This orientation is anchored in JGU's mission statement and strategy paper. Despite the equal status accorded to the two core functions, teaching performances still receive less recognition than research performances. In order to increase the status of teaching and support the equal status of the two core functions within the university, numerous nationwide initiatives have arisen over the past few years to promote good and excellent teaching. By implementing a range of different measures, JGU has tried to counteract the discrepancy and to stimulate qualitative further development in teaching, particularly in view of the change in requirements arising from the move to Bachelor's and Master's degree courses. These measures receive considerable support from the Gutenberg Teaching College, and are evaluated by the ZQ in terms of their impact. In this regard, the ZQ supports the subject areas and departments in terms of providing scientific support, and evaluating innovative teaching projects and the JGU's teaching award.

Furthermore, the ZQ offers wide-ranging university didactical support in the form of workshops and coaching. This includes on the one hand a wide range of workshop offerings from the evaluation association of higher education institutes, and on the other hand specific offerings for the subject areas within JGU, such as

  • coaching by colleagues and
  • the university didactical program in Medicine.