Internal accreditation

As a system accredited institute for higher education, JGU offers its own accreditation and re-accreditation procedures for all of its subject areas. The associated procedures can be found in the "Handbook of Quality Assurance and Quality Development for setting up and continuing degree courses" (see download). These procedures are equivalent to the accreditations of the authorized accreditation agencies in Germany.

The positive system accreditation certifies that JGU's quality assurance system in the area of study and teaching is appropriate for achieving the qualification targets and guaranteeing the quality standards of its own degree courses. Being awarded the seal of accreditation does not just mean that all of the degree courses already set up in Mainz are now accredited; it also means that during the initial accreditation period of six years, the university is also able to set up and continue degree courses in this tested manner in the future.

JGU is the first higher education institute in Germany to receive the official seal for its quality assurance system. At present, there are very few other higher education institutes on the way to receiving a similarly comprehensive accreditation.

The official procedure was preceded by a two-year pilot project from 2006 to 2008 which was also referred to as "system accreditation". Upon completion of the two-year pilot project, volume 15 of "Contributions made by Mainz to the development of higher education institutes" was released. This sketches the construction of the pilot project, provides insights into the experience gained, and shows perspectives for developing the process of system accreditation in higher education institutes. The volume can be downloaded free of charge from this page (see download) or ordered at a cost of 8 Euros (send an email to