Supporting the implementation of the "Women at the Top" mentoring program for female emerging leaders at the higher levels of the Rhineland-Palatinate regional government authority

The 3rd report into the regional implementation of the Gender Equality Law highlighted a need to take action to increase the number of women in leadership positions within the Rhineland-Palatinate regional government authority. For this reason, the Ministry for Labor, Social Affairs, Health, Family and Women worked together with representatives of the Intra-ministerial Committee for Womens' Affairs to develop a mentoring program. The "More women at the top!" program should help towards greater implementation of mentoring as a formal tool for personnel development within the regional government authority. The Center for Quality Assurance and Development will support and advise the Ministry on the implementation of the program. This includes the design and implementation of the concept, as well as the academic analysis of the overall program. After the pilot phase a decision will be made as to whether the mentoring program should become part of the regular structure for the promotion of female emerging leaders. An impact analysis with regard to the different program levels will be carried out and, together with recommendations for the further development of the program, included in a closing report made available to the Ministry. These recommendations mainly relate to:

  • The procedure for selecting the mentees and mentors
  • The implementation and adoption of the accompanying framework and seminar program
  • Shaping the relationship between mentee and mentor
  • The internal processes for implementing it as a regular structure