Support in the development of a quality manual for the Medical Department of the Weierhof Boarding School

Children and adolescents suffering from Diabetes mellitus type 1 have been educated and given medical treatment at the Weierhof Boarding School since 1982. At the boarding school, they learn to independently manage their illness and take responsibility for their own care. Within the scope of the project, a quality manual is being developed for the school's Medical Department.

The aim is to create a regulation and reference book that deals specifically with the medical care of children and adolescents at the Weierhof Boarding School and is oriented towards the requirements of the Medical Services Provided by Health Insurance Companies and the guidelines of the German Diabetes Society. In everyday use, this reference book should act as a source of help for the different stakeholders and groups of persons involved as well as facilitate the training of new staff. For outsiders, the quality manual will represent a detailed source of information. Furthermore, it gives shape to the School’s understanding of quality in relation to the care of children and adolescents with Diabetes mellitus type 1.