Presenting in English

Deadline for registration: February 10, 2012

Course description

Presenting in your own language is difficult enough, but in today’s global environment more and more post‐graduates are required to attend international events and/or present their research in English. This 1.5 day seminar will look at what makes an effective presentation, focusing on language skills, non‐verbal communication and intercultural issues. Participants will be required to give a five minute presentation on their area of research which incorporates skills learnt during the course. Feedback will then be given.

Target audience

  • (Foreign) Doctoral candidates of Mainz University


  • Wednesday, March 7, 10 am - 6 pm and
  • Thurdsday, March 8, 9 am - 2 pm


  • Course will be annonced to all participants by email

Course instructor

  • Ellen Rana, English Language Lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences Koblenz

It will be looked at:

  • the differences between oral and written communication in English
  • structuring and delivering oral presentations to meet the requirements of an international audience
  • simple rhetorical techniques
  • interacting with an audience: models of clarifying, responding to and dealing with questions
  • non‐verbal communication ‐ what your body language is really saying
  • small talk in English, especially for conferences or meetings

Course objectives

  • to help students overcome their difficulties with English pronunciation through concentrating on common and individual pronunciation problems
  • to appreciate the difference between spoken and written communication in English
  • to enhance studentsʹ ability to structure and deliver oral presentations in English and to deliver complicated subject matter clearly and effectively
  • to develop studentsʹ confidence to participate in seminars, workshops, international conferences and other kinds of academic discussions

Maximum number of participants: 14