Evidence-based actions in higher education institutes

The influence of quality assurance measures on the design of control, research and teaching processes in higher education institutes

The project concerning evidence-based actions in higher education institutes investigates the effects of quality assurance measures at the action and organizational levels in this area. "Evidence-based actions" are understood to be any action that is undertaken on the basis of scientific findings i.e. based on science. The thematically wide approach primarily follows the question of the use and impact of evidence-based actions, as well as the question of the comparability of the impacts of different evaluation and intervention approaches.

Different evaluation procedures (course surveys, degree course accreditation and certification, assessment of research plans) should form the scope of the investigation. The first step involves assessing the procedure for conducting course surveys and analyzing the effects on guiding actions. Initially an online survey of teaching staff of the Mainz University Medical Center was conducted. The main focus of the survey is the attitude of the teaching staff towards their working and teaching situation and towards the course surveys. The subsequent analysis focuses upon whether, and how, the teaching staff incorporate evidence-based knowledge into their actions.