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JGU Mainz Scotland HUB: 2024 GO Mensch

Exciting excursions, interdisciplinary talks and project work with a group of international students sounds like your kind of summer? Then join us for 2024 GO Mensch, our Summer School in Mainz all about the Anthropocene and climate change. Together with students from Latvian, Irish, and Scottish universities you will have the chance to practice your English and learn more about humanity's impact on the environment in Germany and all over Europe.

Lectures will be taking place on JGU campus and excursions will start from there as well. The project will take place from 17 June until 30 June 2024 and will end with your participation in the Scotland HUB's big Scot-t Fest, a cultural festival about all things Scotland!

For your participation and the completion of an online Portfolio reflecting on your experiences, we can offer you 3 ECTS. Students of Englisch may have their participation recognised to replace participation in certain courses/modules.

If you are interested, please check out the information on our website ( and apply by sending the application form to You can also send us any questions or concerns regarding your participation. We are aware that the summer school will happen during normal semester times and we will gladly speak to your lecturers about your absence in their classes if you are concerned about attendance.