Einladung der Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung: CHANGING EUROPE. Young people shaping Europe

2020 has seen deep changes in the way people live, work and meet. Covid-19 and its pandemic spread have led to massive interventions by governments on various levels. In the EU for instance most member states installed regulations in spring that inhibited

  • freedom of movement, as Schengen states reinstated their borders for a period of time;
  • cross-border trade, leading to shortages of vital goods elsewhere in the world.

The consequences followed suit:

  • shut down and break down of many companies let to job losses;
  • the young generation lost out as schools and universities shut down and online tutoring did not match quality and inclusive standards;
  • migrants and refugees stranded in the EU were forgotten in the public eye.

At the same time EU’s institutions had to put on track their plans for the challenges of climate change and the imminent Brexit. The biggest challenge however for the EU will be to win back and reinforce trust in its ability to guard the democratic rights of its people, i.e. freedom of opinion, free media and protection of an independent judiciary, all of which are under threat already in some EU member states.

You are cordially invited to discuss these critical points and develop solutions to reinforce the democratic principles of the EU. Following the workshop you will have the opportunity to directly present your demands and proposals in an open dialogue with Katarina Barley, Vice President of the European Parliament and other MoEP.

More here: https://www.fes.de/regionalbuero-rheinland-pfalz-saarland/artikelseite-regionalbuero-rheinland-pfalz-saarland/default-74887369ba.