Student Advisors and BAföG

  • Student counsellors English
    American Studies (B.A., M.A.) / Englisch (B.Ed., M.Ed.; state exam)/ British Studies/English Literature and Culture (B.A., M.A.)
  • Student counsellors for Linguistics/Allgemeine und Vergleichende Sprachwissenschaft
    Linguistik (B.A., M.A.)

Please seek advise with advisors in the field of your studies. Contact info in the column to the right.

We assist you in questions pertaining to your studies:

  • We counsel in all subjects and courses of studies in the fields of English and Linguistics (including state exam for high school teachers)
  • We help with your timetable/schedule
  • We recognize/credit ...
    ...studies and exam credits for students changing university or subjects of study
    ...professional practical internships in and outside of Germany (independent studies)
  • ...exam credits from exchanges abroad
    ...exam credits for foreign students
  • We make placement decisions for admissions in cases of subject or studies changes
  • We certify basic and secondary studies for state exams
  • We counsel students in the integrated Mainz/Dijon program: Dr. Sonja Georgi
  • We counsel high school students taking DEL classes at JGU: Dr. Sonja Georgi
  • We counsel high school students taking Linguistics classes at JGU: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Walter Bisang, Beatrix Spahn

Corona Virus Notice

Due to the current situation, we have to change our policy regarding personal consultations during walk-in office hours. We are to minimize personal contact with our students; consequently,

  • Office hours are suspended until further notice
  • If you have specific requests, contact us via e-mail and state the exact purpose of your enquiry.
  • Provide a phone number for complex issues that require clarification; the primary source of contact will be e-mail though.

BAföG = German student credit system

BAföG matters English:

BAföG certificates...

BAföG certificates...
... for special cases only (after exchange stays or subject changes as well as M.A. American Studies and M.A. English Literature and Culture)

In these cases, form 5 is still valid, should the credits not have been transfered in JOGUStINe. For directions as to how to proceed, please read the following link first: directions form 5
Counselling and processing: Dr. Sonja Georgi
Please also note that you will need to
plan for a processing time of at least two weeks (during vacation times possibly even longer)!

BAföG matters Linguistics:

(since April 1st, 2018 - fast track)

BAföG certificates...

  • ONLY for
    B.A. MAJOR Linguistics

    M.A. Linguistics
  • Placement decisions for admissions in cases of subject or course of studies changes

Please consult with Beatrix Spahn, room 02-579. Please honor office hours!
(Substitutes during absence: