Department Studies Office (Studienbüro)

The department studies office is responsible for all organizational matters concerning the Bachelor and Master Studies programs in the Department of English and Linguistics. These are our functions and fields of expertise:

Corona Virus Notice:

  • Due to the current situation, the studies office must limit personal contact with students.

Until further notice, there will be NO office hours.

In urgent cases, please contact us via E-mail and please abide by the following rules:

  • Do contact only one person at a time. We will redirect your question to the person in charge in case that is not whom you first contacted.
  • State your question in a short but precise manner.
  • Do state which course of studies you are enrolled in (major/monir), and, if possible, in what semester you are studying.
  • In order to clarify more complex scenarios or problems, please add your phone number to the request, so we can call you.


  • Studies management (Studienmanagement)
    The studies manager is the head of the studies office; s/he plans the semester programs in cooperation with the department's executive office and the individual teaching and research branches; coordinates the teaching, and participates in the conceptional and organizational development of the study programs. S/he is furthermore a first contact for questions relating to gender equality as well as compensation for disadvantages, and administers hearings in cases of plagiarism.
  • Course management (Lehrveranstaltungsmanagement)
    The course manager organizes all courses, which includes room booking, accepting course announcements, data processing of all courses in CampusNet; and administers all registrations and lists of participants.
  • Exam management (Prüfungsmanagement)
    The exam manager organizes and administers all exams (except: Bachelor's or Master's theses),  processing all exams data in CampusNet.
  • Studies counselling (Studienfachberatung)
    Along with the departmental studies office, the studies counsellors offer a variety of individual advice
    to students. Here students get various official transcripts and documents, such as recognition of credits from other universities or from abroad, recognition of stays abroad or internships (only for B.A.s and M.A.s!), placement evaluation for students coming from other universities and much more. (Note: B.Ed.s and M.Ed.s must see the Hochschulprüfungsamt for official transcripts and documents).
  • Certificates for the German student credit system (BAföG-Bescheinigungen)
    can be obtained with Dr. B. Feyerabend. For "Formblatt 5," see also
  • Who else can give you a certificate for the German student credit system BAföG-Bescheinigungen (regular certificates)?
    In cases of illness or vacation, one of our department studies office representatives will assist. Please contact only ONE studies office administrator at a time! NEVER contact several people at once!
  • Homepage
    If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Frau Scheufler.
Department studies office (Studienbüro) absences:
Dr. Britta Feyerabend:
Kathrin Scheufler: 20-24 November 2020
Alexandra Velten:
Beatrix Spahn:
Short term changes (i.e. in cases of illness or because of impromptu meetings and conferences) will be announced at the office doors.