Department Studies Office

The studies office is responsible for all organisational matters concerning the Bachelor and Master Studies programmes at the Department of English and Linguistics.


Introduction to Studying at the Department of English and Linguistics winter semester 2024/25

to be announced

Office hours

...take place on campus - no further appointment necessary. EXCEPTIONS can be found under "CONTACT US".

Please follow these guide lines when sending e-mails:

  • Only send your enquiry to one person at the time. We will forward your enquiry to the person in charge if necessary.
  • State your question in a short but precise manner.
  • State your course of studies (major/minor), your matriculation number and the subject semester.
  • In order to clarify complex matters more quickly, please add your phone number to your request.

Your studies office - Our Tasks

For the "who-is-who" - see "Contact" below.

  • Studies management
    The studies manager heads the studies office, plans the semester programme in consultation with the head of the department and the individual research and teaching areas, coordinates teaching operations and participates in the conceptual and organisational development of the degree programmes. She is the contact person for questions of equal opportunities and compensation for disadvantages and organises hearings in cases of plagiarism.
  • Course management
    The course manager organises the courses; this includes room planning, accepting course announcements, entering the course data in CampusNet, controlling the registration procedure and the lists of participants.
  • Exams management
    The examination manager is responsible for the actual organisation and administration of examinations, in particular the maintenance of the relevant data in CampusNet.
  • Student advisors
    Affiliated with the departmental studies office, the student advisors offer a variety of individual advice to students. (Click on "student advisors" for more information.)
  • Certificates for the German student credit system (BAföG-Bescheinigungen)
    Only for B.A. (major) American Studies or English Literature and Culture.
    Please contact Lisa Schaufler. For "Formblatt 5," see also student advisors
  • Who else can issue a certificate for the German student credit system BAföG-Bescheinigungen (regular certificates)?
    In cases of illness or vacation, one of our studies office representatives will assist. Please contact only ONE studies office administrator at a time! NEVER contact several people at the same time!
  • Website
    For any questions or suggestions, please contact Kathrin Scheufler.

Out of office - Department of English

Lisa Schaufler:
Kathrin Scheufler: 22 - 30 July 2024; 22 Aug. - 6. Sept. 2024
Alexandra Velten: 9 - 23 Aug. 2024

Out of office - Department of Linguistics

Beatrix Spahn: 31 July 2024 - 4 Aug. 2024
Short term changes (i.e. in cases of illness or because of impromptu meetings and conferences) will be announced at the office doors.