English Literature and Culture (ELC)/English (page currently under construction)

 ERASMUS-Exchange Programs


The field of English Literature and Culture maintains ERASMUS-exchange agreements with a number of European partner universities. After a successful application, ERASMUS students receive a tuition waiver for the guest university. Furthermore, they receive partial stipends and organisatory assistance in their search for housing and registering for their courses in the field of  ELC/English. Applicants must be EU citizens.

Requirements are once completed university semester (that is two by the time of their departure). Applications usually take place annuall in December of the previous year. Application documents include a filled out application form (to be had during office hours and during the info event), a transcript, a tabellary proposition of studies, a curriculum vitae, as well as an English language explanation for your desired destination. The following criteria are crucial for your application:

-qualitative and quantitative chievements so far studying at JGU

-quality and feasibility of the proposition of studies at the partner university

-punctuality, completeness and significance or your application

By mid-January, at the latest, we will notify all successful applicants. In the following, you will see a list of all available universities, how many spots there are and the duration of the stay.  Dr. Gill always has application forms, deadlines and further information on the ERASMUS program at the info event each winter semester (take not of announcements in classes and on bulletin boards).

Duration (in months)
Spots available
English-speaking partner universities
BANGOR, Wales 5 2*
BIRMINGHAM, England 9 4
BRIGHTON (American Studies) 5 2
DUMFRIES, Scotland 5 2*
EDINBURGH, Shotland 5 2*
GALWAY, Ireland 10 2
LINCOLN, England 6 1
QUEEN MARY, London 10 1
Other European countries
AGDER, Norway 5 2
DALARNA, Sweden 5 2
KRAKAU, Poland 5 2
MUGLA, Turkey 5 2
MURCIA, Spain 5 2
PARDUBICE, Czech republic 5 2
SEVILLA, Spain 6 1
VALENCIA, Spain 5-9 4
Mandatory exchanges in the B.Ed./M.Ed. programs MUST be spent in an English-speaking country.

The deadline for an application is always at the beginning of the previous Christmas break.

*exception: One spot each in Bangor and Dumfries are available during the summer semester there, which usually begins in January and ends in May.