American Studies/Englisch

Direct exchange program of the American Studies

Hundreds of students have participated in this program ever since it was begun in 1956/57. The goal of the direct exchange program is to give students an opportunity to further their American Studies interests and to better equip them with a personal experience with language, literature, and cultureof the North American continent, which they can then use for their own professional life. The stipends in this program are - depending on which school you apply to - either full stipends or stipends in a combination with a teaching or research assistantship. For more information, please click here:

Erasmus exchange program American Studies

For more information on the Erasmus exchange program of the American Studies go to: Erasmus Exchange Program

Integrated Studies Program Mainz-Dijon

For students studying (within the frame of the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Education studies programs) American Studies or English Languages and Culture and French, the possibility exists to study for a year at the Université de Bourgogne, Dijon as well as two trimesters at one of the two Canadian partner universities, Bishop’s University or Université de Sherbrooke in the integrated studies program.For further information, go to: