FAQ Recognition and crediting

First things first

The studies counsellors of the Deparment of English and Linguistics are responsible for the recognition and crediting of all accomplishments from abroad or from former studies. But for a quick and unproblematic process, we need your assistance:

Each and every crediting process demands for a scrupulous adherence to all necessary steps. A certificate thus CAN NOT be written and printed out last minute. Therefore, please take care of these things as early as possible!

A personal discussion with a student counsellor is vital for your request! Most questions can be solved in no time in a personal conversation. Therefore: Avoid sending us documents via email and hope that everything else will be taken care of automatically - recognitions and crediting are not self-propelling processes!

Seach for ONE studies counsellor and make sure to ALWAYS seek out the same counsellor during the entire process of recognition and crediting. AVOID contacting several counsellors simultaneously about the same issues...

Please always attach the following information to your request:
Which subjects do you study, what examination order is applicable, and what is your matriculation number

Certificate of recognition: Subject changes and examination order changes at JGU

Present a print-out of your Jogustine documentation which shows all of your accomplishments so far (survey of all accomplishments and module exams).

    • This is how to print out the results:
      • JOGUStINe → Studies (Studium) → Results (Ergebnisse) → Module results (Modulleistungen).
      • In the line of the respective module, click on Exams (Prüfungen) on the right (if needed, change the semester settings).
      • Print the info (f.e. via STRG – P).
        • a PDFexample can be seen in the download area to the right.

Certificate of recognition: Credits from foreign universities and colleges

  • Present the original and a copy of your transcript from abroad to one of our  student counsellors.
  • For credits from proseminars and seminars, also present the original term paper so the counsellor can verify the equivalence to term papers at JGU.
  • In order to give proof of a three-month long stay abroad in an English-speaking country for students in the B.Ed./M.Ed. study programs:
    • Study abroad: present a transcript of the foreign university of college.
    • Internship: present internship documentation or a work certificate.

Certification of placement for the university student administration (Studierendenservice)

Attention! These are two separate processes:

  • Certificate of placement for the JGU student administration (Studierendenservice)
    (Placement into semester xyz according to certificate of recognition (Anrechnungsbescheid))
  • Recognition of individual courses within a field of study (Anerkennungsbescheid) for the departmental examination management

Both processes must be completed prior to the end of the second phase for course registration (zweite Anmeldephase)!

Your contact for this is the departmental Student counselling (Studienfachberatung).

Recognition of credits for JGU applicants (foreign transcripts)

Please refer to the website for JGU applications: https://www.studium.uni-mainz.de/anerkennung-auslaendischer-vorbildungsnachweise/

Students changing universities

Present the original and a copy of the transript of your former university and possibly module handbooks to one of our Student counsellors (Studienfachberatung).

Office hours student counsellors (Studienfachberatung)

You will find all office hours of all our student counsellors HERE.