Dr. Patrick Gill


Who am I?

I am a lecturer in English Literature at Johannes Gutenberg-Universität, where I also gained my PhD (2007). My research tends to focus on formal aspects of literary texts as well as other media. So rather than asking what a text says or why it does so, I want to know how it goes about its business of signification. Some of my recent research projects have resulted in publications on:

  • Poetic forms
  • The Robinsonade and other castaway narratives
  • Podcasts and audio fiction
  • The short story cycle
  • TV seriality
  • Absences, gaps and omissions in texts


What do I teach?

I teach classes in literary and cultural studies, primarily in advanced bachelor’s and early master’s semesters. As in my research, my teaching tends to foreground the formal aspects of literary texts and/or genres of popular culture and to question some previously held assumptions vis-à-vis the functions of artistic form.


What theses do I supervise?

I supervise BA, BEd, MA, and MEd theses specifically concerned with formalist questions. Suggestions resulting directly from my teaching are always welcome - topics that would clearly be in better hands with one of my colleagues less so.