E-learning platform ARIEL 2.0

Academic Resources for Interactive English Learning

Learn, test and assess your skills...

ARIEL 2.0 is an ILIAS-based open online platform that offers students of the Department of English and Linguistics independent learning resources and self-testing facilities. It covers some of the core skill- and knowledge based areas that you will require in your degree programme:

• Grammar and Language Skills – develop natural, idiomatic use of the tenses, aspects, voice, reported speech etc. and master the mechanics of English grammar and syntax.

• Literary Studies – get the hang of genre-specific terminology (poetry, prose and drama) and gain insight into literary devices and the traditional literary periods.

• Study Skills and Term Paper Writing – overcome issues in formatting bibliographies/references according to MLA standards, avoiding plagiarism and get to grips with research strategies, including library- and online catalogues.

All sections include detailed reference materials, tests and tutorials written by experienced instructors. These materials are linked to anonymous online tests that give you a comprehensive feedback on your performance as well as detailed answer keys, so that you can objectively assess your own strengths and weaknesses.

The attached presentation gives an overview of the platform and how it works.

Alternatively, to explore and experience ARIEL directly, access ILIAS (https://ilias.uni-mainz.de) and log-in using your ZDV username and password. The following chain will take you to the platform: Magazin » FB 05 - Philosophie und Philologie » Department of English and Linguistics » ARIEL 2.0


ARIEL for students - presentation