Irving, Roslyn


Who am I?

My name is Roslyn, and I am a lecturer in English Literature and Culture. My research focuses on
Ann Radcliffe, one of the most prolific writers of the Gothic. I am part of a Coastal Gothic Network
called Haunted Shores, helping to organise annual conferences and arrange monthly reading groups.
My recent publications include an article for the Polish Journal of English Studies and a chapter in the Routledge Introduction to Poetic Forms edited by Patrick Gill.

My interests include the following:

  • The Gothic
  • Eighteenth-century literary contexts
  • Postcolonial approaches to literature
  • Poetic Form
  • Archival research


What do I teach?

Each semester I do a combination of the following classes:

  • PS115 (Introduction to English Literary Studies)
  • PS122 (Poetry)
  • Seminar 313 (Gothic Foundations in the Eighteenth Century)
  • Seminar 410 (Gothic Continuations in the Nineteenth Century)
  • Cultural Studies IV (Cornwall, from the Tin Mines to the Tourism Industry)
  • Cultural Studies I (Survey of the History of Britain)


What theses do I supervise?

At present, I advise on bachelor’s theses related to the Gothic. I am also interested in supporting projects on speculative fiction, eighteenth- and nineteenth-century literature and aesthetics.