Important information

The Department of English and Linguistics informs:

Regulations for archiving module exams (since SuSe 2014)

The department is bound to archive all module relevant exams. This rule applies to all module exams and partial module exams like module relevant exams and term papers. It does not apply to exams and papers that are regular exams (Studienleistungen) or give proof of active participation in class (aktive Teilnahme). You can see which exams are module relevant by checking your examinations order (Prüfungsordnung), module handbook (Modulhandbuch) or suggested course of studies (Studienverlaufsplan).

For practical reasons, we ask all DEL students to hand in every paper and exam with a pre-filled and signed cover page that contains all the pertinent information.

Further explanations and the download for the cover page can be found on the FAQ pages of the Studienbüro (here).

Sanctioning of plagiarism

According to a departmental resolution from June 18th, 2014, a two-part process to prevent plagiarisms was enacted:

First attempt at plagiarism/attempted fraud:
The exam is marked as "failed" and the lecturer contacts the studies manager. The student is then invited to a hearing. After a discussion of the plagiarized passage(s) and a legal instruction, a memo signed by the student, the lecturer, and the studies manager is passed on to the faculty's exams office (Prüfungsamt des Fachbereichs 05), where it is archived and, after graduation of the student, destroyed for data protection.

Repeated plagiarism/attempted fraud :
The student will be invited to the university's examination board, which can, according to the examinations regulation exempt him/her from further exams in the department. Grave and/or repeated cases of fraudulent behavior can thus lead to an excemption from all exams and thus can lead to exmatriculation in a field of studies!

In cases of grave fraudulent behavior, even the first attempt can be reported to the university's examination board.