Open House Day 2023

We're happy to invite you to our campus for the Open House Day on July 5th 2023!

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Linguistics: Open House Day 2023



Join our online conference „Celtic Fringe & Cultural Change: Contemporary Drama in English“ by guest lecturer Prof Michal Lachman (University of Lodz) on June 13th 2023, 10am to 1 pm!

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Language tests for students who need them for their application abroad via e.g. PROMOS will until further notice not be arranged by DEL. Students who nevertheless need the test, please contact Abteilung Internationales via:
Tel. +49-(0) 6131-39-20044/20045



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The Deutsche Anglistenverband e.V. voted Prof Dr Rainer Emig (JGU) to be their president for three years at their annual meeting in Leipzig in September of 2021.


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JGU-Schottlandbeauftragte Sigrid Rieuwerts erhält Konstanzer Konzilspreis 2021

JGU Scotland Commissioner PD Dr Sigrid Rieuwerts receives Constance council award 2021

Acknowledgement at the suggestion of Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon

JGU Press reöease 3.12.2021