Prof. Dr. Friedrich Schubel, Annamaria Schubel

Founding year:

To promote research in the field of English Philology at JGU by awarding scholarships to deserving and disadvantaged students of the Department of English and Linguistics.

Advisory Board:
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Britta Mondorf
Univ. Prof. Dr. Oliver Scheiding
Executive Head of the Department of English and Linguistics

The Foundation Advisory Board elects the chairperson from its members for a period of one year.

Amount of the scholarship:
one-off 400,- Euro

Foundation profile:
Prof. Dr. Friedrich Schubel, professor of English Philology at the JGU from 1957 to 1962, and his wife Annamaria Schubel bequeathed a fifth of the proceeds from the sale of a house to the University of Mainz in 1989 by notarial decree. This capital was used to establish the Professor Dr. Friedrich Schubel-Foundation for the benefit of English Philology in Mainz.