Erasmus Students (Incoming)

Dear prospective ERASMUS students,
The Department of English and Linguistics of Johannes Gutenberg-Universität is looking forward to welcoming you here in Mainz. To ensure that you embark on this venture on the basis of the most comprehensive information possible, please take note of the following rules and explanations regarding the selection of classes during your stay in Mainz.

General Rules
If you are coming to Mainz on an exchange with the Department of English and Linguistics, you can select ALL your credits from the Department’s teaching programme. Note, however, that you can choose a maximum of 30 points per semester. If you are coming to Mainz on an exchange with any other department (e.g. Philosophy, Economics, Translation and Interpreting, etc.), you can select a maximum of 15 credits from classes offered by the Department of English and Linguistics.

Credit Values
Every type of class is given a set value of credits. This reflects the amount of work you will be expected to invest in the respective class and is not negotiable.

Forms of Assessment

While credit values are NOT negotiable and you will generally be expected to achieve a performance comparable to that of our domestic students in terms of quantity and quality, there may be some flexibility in the form of assessment expected of you in each individual class. Please speak to your instructor at the beginning of term if you would like to ask if alternative forms of assessment are available.

Class Types
[these classes will be offered in every semester] Integrated Language Skills [grammar] 4 ECTS
Written English [essay writing] 4 ECTS
Translation Skills [translation German – English] 4 ECTS
Spoken English [phonetics] 4 ECTS
Cultural Studies I [history] 4 ECTS
Cultural Studies II [recent history/contemporary society] 4 ECTS
Cultural Studies III/IV [specific focus] 4 ECTS

Topical Classes
Proseminar [Literature, Linguistics, TEFL, years one and two] 6 ECTS
Seminar [Literature, Linguistics, TEFL, year three and higher] 8 ECTS
Vorlesung/Lecture [with exam and grade] 2 ECTS

PLEASE NOTE: As we primarily teach skills, methods, competences rather than dates and facts, the topics of lectures, as well as literature and linguistics classes will always change. So if you see, for instance, a class on Pragmatics in a certain semester, this is not to be taken as an indicator that there will be a class on Pragmatics either one year or one semester later. Conversely, if your personal happiness (or your co-ordinator’s) depends on your taking a class on a specifically defined topic rather than on a topic that can serve as an exemplar, there is a high probability that you will be disappointed.

Course Catalogue
Our course catalogue for any given semester usually comes online in the final weeks of the previous semester. So if you are interested in classes for the winter term (starting in October), look up the course catalogue in July. If you are looking for classes for the summer term (starting in April), you will be able to see them from February. If you need to fill in your Learning Agreement before those times, please base your course selection on previous semesters. The course catalogue can be found on:
Direct links to individual Jogustine pages are problematic (as Jogustine offers access to a database rather than to stable content), but you’ll find the Department’s classes by following this path: Vorlesungen [top left] – pick semester [top left] – FB05: Philosophie und Philologie – Fachgruppe Englisch

Once you have arrived in Mainz, please do not hesitate to come to our consultation times, if you need any help, advice or signatures on your form!

Kind regards,

Sonja Georgi and Jochen Ecke
(exchange coordinators)

Contact: Personen | Department of English and Linguistics (