Britta London

Britta London received her M.A. degree in German language and literature in 2008 from the University Mainz. In research her emphasis lies in the fields of Critical Discourse Analysis, the Systemic Functional Grammar, Gricean pragmatics and the Politeness Theory of Brown & Levinson.

Currently, London works on a pilot study for her Ph.D. thesis on audience expectations and the author’s intention on the basis of the works of Wladimir Kaminer. Interviews with a selected group of readers are used to expose the impression prior to reading and after having read a certain text. The results of the analysis are expected to reveal factors that may influence and/or explain reader interpretation and that can be used as a starting point for carrying out in-depth literary-linguistic text analyses. In her dissertation, London seeks to develop a potentially generalisable model uncovering the rules that underlie bidirectional interaction between author and readers.