From Loreley to Parthenope: Studying Classics and History in Mainz and Naples (Workshop)

German-Italian Undergraduate and Graduate Student Workshop -  Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz - Università degli Studi di  Napoli Federico II

Incontro tra le università di Mainz e Napoli Federico II, con interventi di studenti dei due Atenei. Introducono e coordinano Tabea

5. Oktober 2023, Nachmittag, Aula ex Cataloghi Ligne, Neapel

Meurer e Konstanze Schiemann (Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz), e Lorenzo Miletti (Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II).

Interventi di:

  • Francesco Alberico (Mysteries and Magic in Apollonius Rodius’ Argonautica)
  • Maximilian Armstroff (The Flavian Amphitheatre in Puteoli)
  • Giuseppe Capuano (Cremutius Cordus: Historiography and Political Opposition in Early Roman Empire)
  • Andrea Carraturo (School Papyri: Teaching and Learning in Graeco-Roman Egypt)
  • Maddalena Costanzo (The Anonymous Commentary to Ovid's Ars amandi in ms. BNN V.D.52)
  • Amelie Egger (Humanities in Germany. Philosophy and History)
  • Sina-Marie Hahn (Studying Archeology in Mainz)
  • Selin Ince (The Amphitheatre in Pompeii)
  • Rita Liguoro (The Ambiguous Role of Poppies in Roman Symbology)
  • Jonas Mach (Studying Classical Philology in Mainz)
  • Markus Mayer (Observations on Studying History in Germany and France)
  • Flavia Moracas (Survival of Paganism in the 5th Century AD.  Stories of Men and Women)
  • Rosa Nicolò (Reading a Pindaric Papyrus Fragment: P.Oxy. XXXII 2622)
  • Conrad Nilles (Royal Representation in the Cities of the early Seleucid Empire)
  • Aurora S. Norelli (The Reception of Dido through Virgilian Exegesis, from Late Antiquity to the Renaissance)
  • Lisa Victoria Pflaumer (The Roughhouse at the Amphitheatre of Pompei)
  • Alexander M. Reith (Ancient Roman Food Production and Culture)
  • Johanna Elisabeth Stephan (Studying Prehistory and Early History in Mainz)
  • Maria Carmen Zoff (Restoring Temples through the Art of Rhetoric: Aelius Aristides' Eleusinian Oration)
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