Prof. Dr. Silvia Hansen-Schirra

Areas of academic interest

  • Corpus Linguistics
  • Professional Communication
  • Computer Aided Translation
  • Translation Process and Comprehensibility Studies
  • Computerlinguistics
  • Psycholinguistics

Project work done with students at the FTSK

WS 2015/16Project seminar on cognitive language processing in translation. Students examined the effects of cognates using various methods such as eye tracking, EEG and electronic text corpora.
WS 2012/13,
SS 2013,
WS 2013/14
Creation of questionnaires to measure translator competence and subsequent creation of a model based on the results of the survey.
WS 2013/14Two translation projects that were published in the "Handbook of Translation Studies" and "Translation Studies Abstracts."
SS 2012Creation of a model for translator competences and determination of ways to measure them.
SS 2012Translation of the Handbook of the software Tobii Studio.
WS 2011/12Translation of H.W. Finger's Leichhardt biography from German into English. The translation was published under the title "Ludwig Leichhardt: Lost in the Outback" in 2013.
SS 2011Project seminar on language processing, cognition, comprehensibility and the translation process. Students used eye tracking and key logging to examine how different types of text are read, what effects specific words and sentence structures have on reading and how translation differs from regular text production.
SS 2010Project seminar on analysis and application of contrastive linguistics. Students e.g. evaluted machine translation output or created multi lingual web resources for translating.
WS 2009/10Project seminar: Black Box Translation. Students compared cognitive processing of nominal style and verbal style using various methods such as eye tracking, key logging and think aloud protocols.

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