Pros and Cons

Distance Learning is often criticized both in general and in the field of translator education. Depending on each specific case, Distance Learning can either be a valueable asset or a liability. Below you can find some pros and cons to help you decide if Distance Learning is a suitable alternative for your class.

- No commuting to class necessary
- Necessary to educate teachers in online instruction
- Students can study at their own pace- Delayed feedback in contrast to regular courses
- Pursuing of self-set learning goals possible- Lack of personal social interaction
- Enables participation from around the world- Dependence on electronic devices, servers and on the Internet
- No overcrowded courses and lectures - Time, pace and self-management
(motivation, self-discipline) fundamental for success
- Not as expensive as on-campus learning - Case-based eligibility of given course for the purpose of
distance learning

You can find a more extensive list of the advantages and disadvantes of Distance Learning on Optimus Sourcing: "The Advantages and Disadvantages of eLearning."