Dr. Donald Kiraly

Areas of academic interest

  • Translator Education
  • Educational Psychology
  • Complexity Theory and Education
  • Pedagogy

Project work done with students at the FTSK

Oct. 2013 - Oct. 2014Co-initiator and one of three principal researchers on a JGU-ored project to develop and implement multiple-stage approach to e-learning
Sept. 2012 - March 2015Co-originator and one of seven principal researchers on the EU-sponsored European Graduate Placement Scheme (EGPS) project for the creation of an international work placement scheme for translation students. The project involved colleagues at the Universities of Mainz, Barcelona (Autónoma),
Salford (UK), and the Pedagogical University of Krakow.
Sept. 2004 - July 2008Principal curriculum designer and teacher trainer under the direction of Dr. Ursula Hassel (Head of the FTSK Sprachenzentrum) for the conceptualisation and implementation of a holistic approach to promoting second language acquisition in the classroom and the training of 30 teachers within a project designed to revamp basic foreign language education (in 12 languages)
May 1995 - March 1999Main researcher for a project designed to improve translator education at the FTSK (funded by the University of Mainz and the Deutsche Forschungsgesellschaft)
March 1993 - May 1995Main researcher for an FTSK-funded research project on the use of computer-based tools for translation pedagogy