Authentic Projects at the FTSK

On this site, we will introduce some of the current and recent projects related to translator education at the FTSK. Projects like these have already been conducted at the FTSK for many years. You can find more information about a few of the older projects here.


What is an authentic translation project?

  • authentic translation projectd involve work undertaken for a real-world client
  • are used to communicate with readers of the target language
  • whether the work is paid or unpaid is largely irrelevant
  • the promise of payment and/or public acknowledgement of the translators presumably affect the student translators' sense of involvement in an authentic project

Why are authentic translation projects important?

Students often complain about teaching methods at the university because:

  • the teaching methods are too theoretical
  • the texts translated in class do not prepare students for their profession as translators
  • they often receive little training in translation-related computer tools

In authentic translation projects, students:

  • work under almost professional working conditions
  • prepare themselves for their future careers
  • learn to work effectively in teams as well as autonomously
  • assume responsibility for their own tasks
  • receive public acknowledgement for their published translations